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Ep 174: Lessons Learned from the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The Silicon Valley Bank situation has gotten all of the financial headlines over the past week, and rightfully so. The event immediately triggered worries that another 2008 event might happen again, but is that concern justified? In this episode, we’ll explain why this run on SVB happened, what it really means, and what lessons we can learn from this.

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Ep #9: Excuses We Make for Sticking With the Wrong Financial Advisor

Every decision you make in regard to your finances goes a long way to determining how much you’ll get to enjoy retirement, but using the correct advisor will have a big impact on your planning process. Despite that, investors will often make excuses for working with someone that doesn’t fit their needs and goals. Let’s talk about some of the common excuses that are used.

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Ep #8: Financial Planning With a Sense of Urgency

No matter how well you plan, there are times in your life where things shaken up and force you to change course. All of a sudden you shift to planning with a sense of urgency. On this episode, we’ll discuss some of those scenarios and how you can prepare yourself.

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