Retirement Planning Fear, Procrastination, and Indecision

Navigating financial decisions, especially as retirement approaches, can be a challenging terrain for many investors. Whether it’s the anxiety around making the right choices or grappling with an overload of information, it can be tempting to push off important retirement planning conversations. It’s a familiar scenario – putting things off to “next week,” only to find that “next week” turns into a long period of indecision.

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Ep 149: How Procrastination Dooms Your Financial Future

People have many reasons for procrastinating when it comes to putting a retirement plan together. Let’s explore some of those excuses and why they can be dangerous, and talk about how to overcome them…

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Ep 104: Can You Put Off These Financial Decisions?

We all tend to procrastinate from time to time, even when it comes to our finances. However, there are many things that we don’t want to put off addressing in our financial plan. On today’s episode, Phil will discuss 5 financial decisions that people tend to put off and whether it is okay to do so.

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