The 5 Dangerous Mindsets That Can Sink Your Retirement

In many phases of life, our attitudes and mindsets can have a big impact on where we go and what we do. The mental side of life is as or more important than the physical side, and financial planning is no different. Having the right mindset not only helps you make the correct decisions, but…

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Ep 120: How Much Are Your Money Biases Costing You?

Most of us have some biases when it comes to money. Are you afraid of risk? Are you thinking far enough into the future? On today’s episode, we discuss the different types of money biases and whether they could be costing you financially.

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Ep 108: Overconfidence in Financial Planning

We want confidence and stability in our retirement plans but overconfidence can cause us to make financial mistakes. Today we are discussing some common areas of overconfidence in financial planning and how we can manage these areas.

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