investment strategy

Ep 53: This One is On The House

How should you approach your home from a financial standpoint in retirement? Pay it off? Downsize? Rent it out? Let’s talk about real estate and how it fits into your plan.

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Ep 45: Investing Like a Genius

What can we learn from geniuses? How can we apply those same principles when making investment decisions? On this episode of Phil’s Tax Hacks, we’ll discover what it means to invest like a genius as well as answer a question from the mailbag.

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Ep 37: Best Intentions But Bad Advice?

As you try to make the best decisions, you may get a lot of bad advice–even from people with good intentions. How do you know who to listen to? Whose advice is bad and whose is good? We’ll look at four common people we turn to and explain why you should be careful. 

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