The 5 Dangerous Mindsets That Can Sink Your Retirement

In many phases of life, our attitudes and mindsets can have a big impact on where we go and what we do. The mental side of life is as or more important than the physical side, and financial planning is no different. Having the right mindset not only helps you make the correct decisions, but…

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Ep 135: The Secret to Retirement Success

So, what really is the secret to retirement success? While it may be harsh, the reality is we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to planning. On today’s episode, we are going to discuss how we, as investors, can get out of our own way in order to have a successful retirement.

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Ep 29: Considering Your Emotions When Making Financial Decisions

While it may seem like your financial decisions are all about the numbers, emotions play a big part in what you do with your money! How much should you let your emotions decide and when should you turn more towards logic? We’ll discuss that on this episode.

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