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Ep 133: Can I Retire at 55?

It’s a question more and more people are asking, especially as the workplace continues to change following the pandemic. But are you in a position to step away from a consistent paycheck at age 55? Phil will provide a great look at the reality of early retirement in today’s environment and apply some real-world examples to the discussion.

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Ep 128: Financial Jargon: Terms & Definitions

There is a lot of financial jargon out there that can be confusing when you are trying to plan for retirement. So on today’s episode, we’ll explore a variety of different terms and definitions and how they apply to the financial planning process.

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Ep 127: Recognizing the Voice of Greed

When it comes to our money there are several ways, we tend to get greedy. So on today’s episode, we are going to discuss how to recognize the voice of greed and how we can fight against it.

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