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Have you started daydreaming about what retirement looks like? Let’s talk today about what it takes to make that retirement dream a reality.

Other Retirement Facts:

Just what do you want retirement to look like? For some of us, that means spending more time with the family and grandkids. Perhaps that’s with an RV or a summer cabin. These things add up. Do you have a spending plan to understand what your costs are in retirement?

Once you know how much it costs you to live, you can determine how much you need. Then you can position your assets and retirement income streams. If you’re doing a lot of travel or golfing or extra fun stuff on top of your basic living expenses, those can be added in as well.

Whether you are currently retired or not, there’s a good chance you’re itching to travel again as things open back up. Do you have the funds set aside to cover that? If you didn’t, what can you do to pull those funds from in retirement?

Keep in mind that a plan doesn’t have to lock you in. Things will happen and you can make adjustments with your advisor. Some people may feel wary of things like annuities, but your advisor can help ensure you still have flexibility in other parts of your plan. Have you built in inflation and taxes into your plan?

A little bit of structure and clarity goes a long way when it comes to your retirement plan. Retirement is more than just sitting on the front porch. Meet with an advisor today to make sure you have a retirement plan that suits your wants and needs.

[0:45] – Summer time is vacation time.

[1:40] – Retirement could include spending time with family.

[3:23] – How do you structure your spending and retirement income?

[5:32] – People are ready to start traveling more.

[8:40] – What makes people feel locked into a particular structure or plan?

[12:11] – What kind of lifestyle do you want in retirement?

[13:15] – Are you structured the right way when giving to charity?

A Quotable Moment:

“If charitable giving is part of your plan overall, make sure you’re talking with an advisor who understands the tax side of that and how to structure it properly.”

-Phil Putney

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