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Being a good advisor isn’t about winning a popularity contest or just saying the same things that everyone else in the industry says. It’s about giving the best advice that you can for each individual situation. On today’s show, we’re going to peel back the curtain to discuss some areas where a good financial advisor’s opinions might go against the grain with mainstream ideas in the industry.

Every client has different financial goals and finding the right advisor to help them achieve those goals is important.

Today we are going to go over ways you may, and may not, want to “go against the grain” with your finances. There are many differing opinions on topics like mutual funds, cash in the bank, debt, and more. A good advisor will explain to you the pros and cons of topics like annuities and life insurance, for example, so you can make informed decisions about where to put your money.

It’s difficult to know how much risk to take with your investments. An advisor should always tailor their advice to each client because what might be profitable for one portfolio, may not be profitable for another.

Join us on today’s episode as we break down these major topics:

  • How much risk is too much risk for you? [1:52]
  • The benefits of life insurance. [3:29]
  • Managing debt- is all debt bad? [7:12]
  • Using annuities as a tool [9:19]
  • All about mutual funds [13:40]
  • Should you keep cash in the bank, other than your emergency fund)? [16:10]

A Quotable Moment

“My goal is, I’m not going to be your advisor for just today, or tomorrow. I’m going to be your advisor for life…I want to help you go through this process.”

-Phil Putney

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