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How do we incorporate your values into your financial plan? On today’s episode, we discuss the important way your values could impact your plan.

What is values-based planning and why might it be essential for your needs? When we sit down with our clients it’s not always about the dollars and cents. Some people really want to focus on the things important to them: family, faith, education, etc. and these values often guide their plan along.

Most people view their family as a big piece of their retirement plan. What will be left for the kids? Will you travel to see the grandkids? These are all important factors to consider.

Likewise, faith can guide many plans. Maybe you want to leave a piece of your legacy to your church. Or perhaps when investing you want to be morally conscious of the companies you are supporting. If you want to get involved in church or charities after retirement this is also a consideration of time. Where do you want to spend your newly found free time?

Education is extremely important to many people. If you want to help fund your child or your grandchild’s dream of college, you need to budget ahead. It’s going to depend on how many kids and the types of schools they are looking at.

Maybe you love your career and you don’t want to retire. But you still have to plan for the other alternative. Your retirement may look different than you originally thought. More and more people are doing part-time work and self-employment.

When you sit down with your advisor, make sure you are making them aware of what’s important to you. Values-based planning is a great way to allocate funds where it matters to you. Retirement planning has many pieces and we can help you sort through them and create a plan that meets your values.

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[0:25]Happy Valentine’s Day!

[1:44] Family

[2:46] Faith

[6:22] Education

[9:05] Career

[12:13 ] Charitable giving

[13:44] Having fun!


A Quotable Moment:

“My job is not to make the decision, it’s to show you the pros and cons.”

-Phil Putney

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